Thorsmörk is the paradise for hikers and all nature lovers

There are so many interesting, challenging and beautiful hiking trails in Iceland that it is impossible to name them all. Thórmörk is kind of a "highland" though not far from Reykjavík. From Seljalandsfoss waterfall, the one you can walk behind, there is 30-50 min drive on a good SUV, called super jeeps in Iceland. The best and most importantly safest way to make the most of your trip is to hire a private guide or book a privat tour in and around the island.


Básar is a beautiful place in Goðaland. To get there you have to cross almost 20 rivers. In Básar you can bbq your lunch and from there there are several hiking trails and opportunities. One of the that takes about 4 hours is mountain Útigönguhöfði. The video above is taken from the top and you can see the fantastic view.




There are several hiking opportunities in and around Thorsmörk. There is the popular hiking tour between Thorsmörk and Landmannalaugar that usually takes 3 days to complete. Another popular hiking experience is between Básar and Skógafoss, 25 km and takes a whole day.

You want to come and experience Thorsmörk yourself? Contact us and we´ll find out how. Together.


Kjartan Valgardsson