Start preparing for 2019: Highlands in June through September

You can not describe with words the beauty of the Icelandic highlands. It´s unique, remote, only accessible by big SUV, or super jeep as they are called in Iceland. Since the highlands are higher than the lowland around the coastline the snow stays longer and some places are only free of snow in the beginning of July. August and September are the best months to travel, free of snow and you´ll have the northern lights as a bonus!

Glacier has designed a fantastic 6 day trip to the highlands. We have been scouting the roads and places this summer, testing the accommodation and the food, measuring the time it takes to go from one place to another and we´re confident that we have a fantastic trip, far away from everything, where you can travel a whole day without meeting anyone! The benefit of a private tour is the flexibility: customer is king and you can decide a lot how the trip is executed: Do you like a lot of hiking or not at all? That´s totally up to you. We at Glacial Experience are all trained and experienced driver guides and hikers, used to cross voluminous rivers and floods.

The 6 days trip is divided into

  • day of arrival,
  • 4 days on the highlands.
  • day of departure

I travelled this trip with high school friends last week, we took the 4 days as in the scheduled trip and it was just fantastic. Many of them had never been to these places and they were overwhelmed by the vast terrain with no people, only a few birds and then mountains, peaks, ice, rivers and all the colours.




If you want to be a part of this adventure you should begin thinking about it now. We would love to show you around!



Kjartan Valgardsson