It's blueberry season in Iceland!

It’s blueberry season here in Iceland – the time of year when Icelanders go off to the countryside to pick ripened blueberries and crowberries which grow in vast quantities in heathlands and around the foothills of mountains. You can find wild berries growing in most parts of the country, but they say the juiciest can be found up north.

Berjamó - an Icelandic tradition

It's tradition with many families here in Iceland to spend the day collecting wild berries; an activity known as Berjamó. When they get home, they make jam, juice and muffins out of the bounty, or simply serve the blueberries with skyr, cream and sugar for a refreshing dessert. If you don't have time to venture far from the capital you can find berries around Mount Esja and Heiðmörk. There are also many professional foragers in Iceland, so if you don't have time for Berjamó, you can find fresh Icelandic blueberries for sale in the supermarkets.

Icelandic recipe for blueberry jam

  • 500g of blueberries
  • 1 & 1/2 dl of water
  • 350g of sugar

Boil the blueberries in water for five minutes. Stir the berries into a paste. Add the sugar into the mix and simmer for another ten minutes. Pour into clean jars and seal. Enjoy on any occasion! 

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Lisa Shannen