To consider before you start your tour


A driver guide entered the drivers/guide's lounge in a tourist center on the South Coast of Iceland. Other drivers and guides, having their lunch or coffee, witnessed when three angry travellers followed the driver guide yelling at him, the driver guide being on the phone trying to contact his employer and ask him to send another driver guide and another vehicle.

Why? The driver guide was not licenced to drive tourists, neither was his vehicle. The police had pulled him over and asked for his credentials, then asked the people to leave the vehicle, "this driver is not taking you anywhere."

And these "drivers" and "guides" are all over in Iceland. Professional, fully licenced driver guides see them all the time, and when asked they say: "I´m driving with my friends."

There is nothing wrong or inappropriate when you ask your driver guide or tour company / travel agency to provide the documents and relevant licences.

What should you ask for?

1. A sticker in the windscreen with the words LEYFISSKOÐUN SÉRÚTBÚIN BIFREIÐ, for modified SUVs, or LEYFISSKOÐUN FERÐAÞJÓNUSTULEYFI should be in place.


IMG_8438 (002)


IMG_8439 (002)


2. A valid document that says ALMENNT REKSTRARLEYFI til fólksflutninga.




3. A valid document that says FERÐASKRIFSTOFULEYFI, meaning "Travel Agency."


Númerað leyfi ferðaskrifstofu


4. Is your travel agengy or tour operator fully covered by an insurance company? You can ask them to show you.


Vistmenn ehf ensk staðf


Vistmenn ehf ensk staðf

Enjoy your stay in Iceland! Stay safe.


Kjartan Valgardsson